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50 Most Beautiful Women in the World 2015

By on March 23, 2015

We are lucky enough to have some of the most beautiful women in the world out there as our role models, urging us to keep ourselves looking good, keeping fit and healthy, and also to entertain us with beautiful music, amazing films, and even great sporting prowess.

We decided to bring you a list of the 50 most beautiful women in the world. Are you sitting comfortably?

1 – Jennifer Lawrence

Let’s be honest about this – you could have a list of the most beautiful women in the world for 2015 and not have this stunning girl right at the top, could you? Not just beautiful for her looks, but she is almost one of the most talented actresses of our time, and has a cracking personality to match. There are meme’s everywhere on the internet showing this girl and the crazy things that come out of her mouth but if we’re being honest, that’s half the reason we love her, isn’t it?

She’s played parts in some of the most iconic movies of our time including The Hunger Games series of films, Silver Lining’s Playbook with the delectable Bradley Cooper, and in fact, for the latter she even won both a Golden Globe award and an Academy award, becoming only the second-youngest actress to ever win the award for Best Actress!

Beautiful, smart and funny! What more could you possibly want from a girl?

2 – Beyonce

One half of the world’s most powerful couple, Beyonce has certainly come into her own over recent years and as well as having a busy sell-out tour with her doting husband, and releasing hit record after hit record, she has also became a mother for the first time – something she appears to be very good at and is loving every minute of.

There’s no doubt that Beyonce is one of the most beautiful women of our time, and that’s something that simply needs no explanation!

3 – Mila Kunis

Once renowned for playing Meg Griffin in the hit TV show Family Guy, Mila Kunis has sure come a long way! Born in the Soviet Union on August 14th, 1983, her heritage gives you some idea of where her exotic dark haired beauty comes from, and recently also becoming a mother with father Ashton Kutcher, she’s just gotten hotter and hotter over the years, again gracing many of the ‘hot women’ lists around the world with her presence.

It was Forgetting Sarah Marshall that first started the ball rolling back in 2008 but from there, she’s just gone from strength to strength with movies like The Book of Eli (2010), Friends With Benefits (2011) and even the wickedly hilarious Ted (2012).

Watch this space ladies and gentleman – she’s only 31 years old now and we all know how Hollywood hotties just get much more beautiful as they age!

4 – P!nk

We all know and adore this beautiful woman who not only has a booming singing career, but also a gorgeous baby girl and a somewhat (on-off) happy marriage with retired motocross rider Carey Hart. Born on September 8th, 1979, Alecia Beth Moore as she is better known to family and friends is originally from Pennsylvania in the US, and is now known for her great theatrical, energetic tours, her punky image, and the message that she gives to young, impressionable girls around the world saying that it is perfectly fine to be a little different.

Speaking on behalf of the LGBT community, and also speaking out about her love for animals and her hatred for real fur, it would appear that this beautiful singer not only makes headlines with her career, but also outside of it and normally, for all the right reasons. A great role model for young girls – we’d say she definitely was!

5 – Kate Middleton

The princess that lead all little girls to believe that the dream fairytale ending really was attainable, Kate Middleton was the ‘normal’ girl that found herself married into royalty, getting hitched to the UK’s previous most eligible bachelor – Prince William.

Not just beautiful, she has been compared to the People’s Princess, Princess Diana, and when her charity work is combined with her love for fashion, again we have a role model that all little girls would be proud to look up to.

Currently pregnant with her second child with Prince William, we are eagerly awaiting to find out whether it will be another little boy, or the little pink Princess that would complete their beautiful little family!

6 – Jennifer Aniston

She might be 46 years old now but recent photos of this Hollywood beauty has shown that she looks even better now than she did in her Friends days… and that was over 20 years ago.

Born on February 11th, 1969 in California, US, she’s come a long way since those Friends days and is now renowned for being one of the most beautiful women on the planet. In fact, back in 2004 People magazine voted her as “The Most Beautiful Woman”, and just a couple of years back in 2011, she was voted as “sexiest woman of all time” by Men’s Health magazine.

It’s not just her looks that makes her a beautiful person of course, she has been connected to orphanages in Mexico, as well as being linked to a string of other charities.

7 – Rihanna

Barbados-born Robyn Rihanna Fenty was born on February 20th, 1988 and despite being only 27 years old, she certainly has made a name for herself in the world of music, modelling and fashion. She certainly has come a very long way since her Pon de Replay days, that’s for sure.

She’s one of the biggest-selling record makers of all time with over 150 million records sold all over the world, and she’s an award winner woo with no fewer than eight Grammy Awards, 22 Billboard Music Awards, eight American Music Awards, and even a couple of BRIT awards thrown in for good measure!

Beautiful, smart and talented… Who’d have thought it?

8 – Angelina Jolie

This classy lady is definitely deserved of a place on the most beautiful women for 2015 list, isn’t she? With a bit of a colourful past, she seems to have turned things around beautifully, now in a happy relationship with fellow Hollywood BEAUTY Brad Pitt, adopting a couple of kids along the way, and even having their own… She’s been busy girlie, that’s for sure.

She’s started to take a back seat from acting somewhat, perhaps to take care of her busy brood, and has started in the directing / producing route of film, and among with her many humanitarian tours, it seems she’s still as busy as ever.

Born on June 4th, 1975 in California, US, the 39 year old may be pushing 40, bit she just gets more and more beautiful with age and for once, there are no discussions of plastic surgery with the exception of the double mastectomy she had to prevent her children facing life without a mother because of breast cancer following a test that showed she shared the same faulty gene as her own mother; a mother that actually died of breast cancer herself.

9 – Kylie Minogue

Australian hottie Kylie Minogue may have started in the TV land of soaps with the hit TV series that’s still ongoing today – Neighbours, but as with many TV stars, she soon branched out not only into music with a career that has spanned decades, but also judging singing competitions such as UK’s The Voice.

Another famous lady that has sadly been struck by breast cancer, she bounced back with a vengeance, giving hope to cancer sufferers all over the world. Beauty on the outside, strong-willed on the inside… What more could you ask for from a beautiful woman?

10 – Dakota Johnson

Texan-born Dakota Johnson (October 4th, 1989) may only be 25 years old but she was recently THROWN into the limelight with the recently released Fifty Shades of Grey.

More the girl-next-door beautiful than jaw-droppjngly beautiful, there is something very special about this girl and we predict that she is going to be a big thing in the coming years – keep your eyes peeled and watch this space!

11 – Cindy Crawford

There was some recent media criticism of this fabulous model when an un-airbruches picture was leaked showing her looking slightly less perfected than she did in the “after” picture.

Despite this, the 49 year old supermodel has lead the way in a revolution for women showing that sometimes, kids, life and age WILL affect your body, and also proving that there is absolutely nothing wrong with not opting for the surgical route and growing old gracefully.

We think she looked simply amazing in her pre-photoshopped photo and honestly, we’re not sure what all the big fuss was about!

12 – Jessie J

Coming back to Britain and we give you the fabulous Jessie J – a girl with a beautiful face, amazing glossy haw, lips that most women would die for, and a great sense of humour and personality to boot!

Born on March 27th, 1988 in London, England, she recently burst into the scene like nothing else we’ve seen with catchy tunes and great stage presence, and again, she’s another one of the fabulous women on this list that served as a mentor and coach on the unique TV show The Voice in which males and females perform to four judges backs, showing that their voice really can do the talking and it’s not always about looks!

13 – Kaley Cuoco

OK so she’s married now and has Sweeting in her name, and she has recently cut her hair super short, but that hasn’t stopped us loving this beautiful young starlet who is better known for her role as Penny on the hit TV show The Big Bang Theory.

Her on-off relationship with geek Leonard Hofstadter has given hope to geeks all around the world that they too could bag themselves a gorgeous blonde, and off-screen she is every bit as funny as her on-screen persona! Beautiful lady indeed!

14 – Taylor Swift

The country singer is renowned for being absolutely stunning in every photo ever taken from her, and as her song goes, she really does have the red-lipped classic thing that all boys like!

Only 25 years old, (born on December 13th, 1989 in Pennsylvania, US), her self-titled debut album really shot her to fame after her very smart move to Nashville to pursue a music career at the very young age of just 14. Since then, her music career has gone from strength to strength and these days, you can even see her in small acting parts too with films like Valentine’s Day under her belt.

15 – Emily Ratajkowski

This absolutely stunning model and actress was born on June 7th, 1991 in London, England and has become very famous of late because of her appearance in the hit video for Robin Thicke’s song “Blurred Lines”

Just in case you weren’t sure she was on of the world’s most beautiful women for 2015, the Daily Mail (British newspaper) did a poll that showed she had one of the most sought-after butt’s in the industry. Combine her butt with Taylor Swift’s legs and according to British men everywhere, you have the perfect female form!

16 – Cheryl Cole

31 year old Cheryl Cole is well known around the world for her skills in the limelight and from her Girls Aloud days back in the early part of the 1990’s, she’s come a hell of a long way. These days she’s known for being an author, a dancer, a singer, model, recording artist, entrepreneur, TV personality and more!

Of course, her personal life has kept her in the media spotlight as much as her career, and with the very public breakdown of her marriage to footballer Ashley Cole, and her recent ‘shotgun’ marriage to Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini (announced via a whopping gold ring picture on Instagram), it would seem that the pretty young lady has finally found her happy ever after.

One thing is for sure – unlucky in love or not, she certainly is renowned for being one of the most beautiful ladies of our generation!

17 – Jennifer Lopez

We’re giving you a taste of the Latino now with the beautiful singer and actress Jennifer Lopez. She might be 45 years old not but she’s still topping the charts when it comes to beautiful / sexiest / stunning women around the world.

Born in The Bronx, New York on July 24th, 1969, Jenny from the Block is not just an actress and singer, she’s an author, dancer, producer, songwriter and even a fashion designer these days, with a whole string of successful business ventures under her belt. See – we love it when these beautiful women are both smart AND pretty to look at!

She’s a great role model for young women and older women alike, showing that no matter where you come from, you can always make something of yourself if you try hard enough, and with a couple of kids in tow, she definitely works hard enough, that’s for sure!

18 – Scarlett Johansson

This blonde bombshell hit our screens with a bang a few years back and since her film debut in 1994 with North, she has starred in some of the biggest, best and most though-provoking films of our generation.

Born in New York on November 22nd, 1984, she might be 30 years old but she definitely doesn’t look it, and her Marilyn Monroe-esque hair, and killer curves have put her firmly on the top of many a ‘sexiest woman’ list over the last few years. In fact, some men may say that this blonde beauty is one of the most attractive women ever to grace the silver screen.

Esquire magazine, for example, has voted her as the ‘Sexiest Woman Alive’ TWICE – once in 2006 and again in 2013. On top of that, Playboy magazine also voted her as the ‘Sexiest Celebrity’ back in 2007. Somehow we get the impression that this stunner is just going to get better with age!

19 – Nicole Scherzinger

Pussycat Dolls front-lady Nicole Scherzinger was born in Hawaii on June 29th, 1978, giving her that beautiful exotic look that has made her so popular among men and women alike, all over the world.

She’s not just a singer, she’s a recording artist, a fashion designer, a producer, a philanthropist, a songwriter, a TV personality, actress, dancer and more! Once again – another great role model for girls around the world, no matter what age.

She’s not had an easy run of thins when it comes to her love life with a rather on-off relationship with F1 driver Lewis Hamilton, and in fact, it seems the couple of more off than on these days, but despite this, she has reached international success with a career that seems to be flourishing more and more with every year that passes. She has also received a bunch of accolades throughout the years too with even Rolling Stone ranking her as the ninth best dancing musician in the world! When you add to that her X Factor success, you are on to a winner!

20 – Michelle Keegan

This British soap hottie seems to be making waves both sides of the pond these days but if you’ve not heard of it, she’s the one from Coronation Street that captured the heard of The Only Way Is Essex hunk, Mark Wright and they recently got engaged in September of 2013. (Google him – he’s actually a beautiful, beautiful man – quite fitting for such a beautiful, beautiful girl!) Sorry guys – this hottie is no longer on the market!

The 27 year old was born in Greater Manchester, England on 2rd June 1987, and has been linked to some of the hottest men in the industry, including Max George – the really hot one from the British boy band The Wanted.

She may have only just left the soap acting world but we predict massive things ahead for this stunning youngster – she’s already branching out into fashion and becoming a TV personality, and we reckon things are just going to get bigger and better for her, here on out.

21 – Katy Perry

The ex of crazy comedian Russell Brand, and the singer of that great catchy tune that we were all obsessed with (California Girls), Katy Perry, is not only a little star because she is one of the prettiest girls in the music industry, but also because she is a great role model for kids all around the world.

It’s OK to be a bit weird and a bit crazy, thinking outside of the box and refusing to follow the crowd, 30 year old Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson (born in California on October 25th, 1984) is not just an amazing little singer but also an actress, songwriter, philanthropist and business woman and as of October 2014, she was reported to have a net worth of over $44 million! Surely that alone suggests that she has great business sense and a smart head on her shoulders. Funnily enough, Forbes list of ‘Top Earning Women in Music’ contained this crazy colourful girl for 2011, 2012 AND 2013!

22 – Kim Kardashian

It’s the killer curves that seem to project this lady to the top of the beautiful women lists, but you can’t forget the recent baby and marriage to rapper Kanye West… Whatever it is you like to think of him.

The 34 year old (born October 21st, 1980 in California) is not just a socialite and TV personality, but a model too although it is the TV show Keeping Up with the Kardashians that seems to do particularly well for her.

Another chick with some smart business thinking, Kim was reportedly one of the highest paid TV personalities of 2010, with an estimated earning of over six million dollars. Since then, she has been linked to a string of endorsements earning her plenty of money as well as getting her plenty of publicity, and has developed clothing lines for the Bebe stores, and also joined with Carl’s Jr for a range of food products.

23 – Lucy Mecklenburgh

You may not have heard of this pretty lady but if you haven’t, it won’t be long before you do. Starting out on the hit TV show The Only Way is Essex, she has since left the show and not only taken part in a few TV shows such as the gymnastics-themed Tumble, but also started with a career in fashion, and even fitness with more than a few workout plans now available to her adoring fans.

Bon on August 24th, 1991 in Essex, she has been on her fair share of sexiest women lists over the last couple of years, and with her new relationship to Lewis Smith, British athlete, her public profile seems to be going from strength to strength. One thing is for sure – this is one chick to keep your eyes peeled for!

24 – Emma Stone

She was bound to turn up on this list at some point, wasn’t she? The actress behind The Amazing Spider-Man, Crazy, Stupid, Love, and Zombieland has graced so many beautiful women lists, and for most men, she is simply the perfect girl. She’s funny, a fiery redhead, and a very successful actress, and even though she’s only 26 years old (born on November 6th, 1988), she certainly has a determined head on her shoulders and it appears that her determination is paying off.

25 – Amanda Seyfried

29 year old blondie Amanda Seyfried was born in Pennsylvania, US on December 3rd, 1985 and is not only known to be an actress, but also a singer and even a model throughout the years.

It was Mean Girls that she first made her film debut back in 2004 alongside Lindsay Lohan (before she turned into a criminal), but she’s come a very long way since that teen film that all young girls loved. There was Dear John alongside Channing Tatum in 2010 that had all audiences crying, and the 2011 film In Time was simply brilliant.

26 – Maria Sharapova

OK so we’ve moved away from the singing and acting world now to the world of sports and in particular, tennis. This Russian beauty was born in the Soviet Union on 19th April, 1987 and you may be surprised to learn that this No. 2 in the Women’s Tennis Association (2014) is actually only 27 years old.

She’s bagged herself 34 singles titles, and five Grand Slam’s too, three double’s titles and even a silver medal in the Olympics in the London Games of 2012. Beautiful, plus an excellent sportswoman… Could she be the perfect woman?

27 – Margot Robbie

This Australian actress has recently been shot to fame because of her sexy and devilish appearance alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in the AMAZING movie The Wolf of Wall Street. She won an award for her performance in this movie, bagging the Best Female Newcomer at the Empire Awards… Not so bad for the young Australian soap actress that once played Donna Freedman in Neighbours for three years 2008 – 2011.

Only 24 years old, she’s in her prime among the Hollywood legends, and let’s face it – that pretty face surely can’t help!

28 – Zooey Deschanel

It could be those big eyes, or it might even be that long, brown flowing hair, but there is something very sexy about Zooey Deschanel, in a girl-next-door kind of way. She’s actually 35 years old, believe it or not, born on January 17th, 1980 in California.

She’s got that innocent Katy Perry look about her, and starring in hit TV shows such as New Girl and she even managed to get herself a few award nominations for her performance in that very TV show. There were three Golden Globe nominations to start with, and then there was the Emmy nomination…

Plus she’s really pretty. That always helps.

29 – Amber Heard

Back to American actresses now and this time we come to the innocently beautiful Amber Laura Heard, Texan-born on April 22nd, 1986, making her 28 years old.

Young she might be but that doesn’t mean she’s not a great actress, plus she’s commonly regarded as one of the most beautiful sex symbols of the world. Beautiful on the outside, she’s also proved herself to be beautiful on the inside too, being publicly in support of gay rights, helping to abolish slavery, and many more charity work too!

30 – Emma Watson

At only 24 years old, Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson was born in Paris, France on April 15th, 1990. An activist as well as a model and an actress, and as well as doing her bit for massive names like Burberry and Lancome, has been studying at Brown University, and aOxford University too, and graduated back in May of 2014 with an English Literature Bachelors Degree. Since then, not only has been busy in some of the coolest films of our generation, but she’s also been appointed as a UN ambassador to help with gender equality.

Pretty impressive, right?

31 – Parineeti Chopra

We’re bring sexy back to Bollywood now and let’s face it, there are so many beautiful ladies in this genre of film, it’s hard to pick the best of them. Parineeti Chopra was born on October 22nd, 1988 in Haryana, India, and is best known for her starring roles in various Hindi films such as Ladies vs Ricky Bahl, and there was Ishaqzaade, the film that shot her to stardom. It’s her work away from the camera’s that seems to serve her well however. Involved in various humanitarian projects as well as big name endorsements, it would seem that this pretty face isn’t due to be going anywhere soon!

32 – Olivia Wilde

Model, producer and actress Olivia Wilde was born Olivia Jane Cockburn on March 10th, 1984 in New York City. Voted as PETA’s ‘Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity of 2010’, and although was formerly a began, is now a pescetarian.

Throughout the years, she has starred in her fair share of hit films including delights like The Girl Next Door, Alpha Dog, Tron: Legacy, In Time, Her and many, many more.

A busy, busy woman as well as a very beautiful one!

33 – Kate Beckinsale

The Underworld beauty Kathrin Romary Beckinsale, better known to you and me as Kate Beckinsale, is the typical ‘English Rose’, and despite being 41 years old (born on July 26th, 1973 in London), still doesn’t look a day over 25! We wonder how she manages to still top the ‘most beautiful woman’ polls around the world, and how she doesn’t have a winkle wrinkle on that beautiful rosy-cheeked face.

Her beauty keeps her in business it would seem, with a string of hit films under her belt, and a number of partnerships with some of the biggest and best names in fashion. There was the Gap TV commercial with Orlando Bloom for example, and there was that 2004 Diet Coke commercial too. Versatile and pretty – that’s quite the combination!

34 – Kristen Stewart

She may be known to be somewhat expressionless from time to time, but that doesn’t stop Twilight beauty Kristen Stewart form being considered as one of the prettiest girls of our generation. Her perfect skin and awkward demeanour makes her as adorable as any other pretty girl-next-door, but her recent partaking of somewhat serious roles in acting have made us look at her in a slightly different way. Expressionless she may be, beautiful she most certainly is!

35 – Paris Hilton

OK so she’s not everyone’s cup of tea but there is something about Paris Hilton that keeps people following her and coming back for more. The recent speculation over whether or not her breasts have been surgically enhanced haven’t hindered her publicity, of course, and whether you’re into that pink, perfect Barbie look or not, you can’t deny that there is something pretty flawless about her. Just saying.

36 – Anne Hathaway

Les Miserables stunner Anne Hathaway has come a long way since her The Princess Diaries days where she was the ugly duckling, of sorts, of the princess world. It was actually Les Miserables that shot her to super stardom with a string of accolades following it. There was the BAFTA, The Academy Award for ‘Best Supporting Actress’, a Golden Globe, and more. In fact, before that people were giving her rave reviews with People magazine acclaiming her as one of the breakthrough stars of 2001, and in the list of 50 Most Beautiful People for 2008, she starred on that list!

37 – Victoria Beckham

One half of the Beckham power couple, the ex Spice Girl and not-really-successful solo artist Victoria Caroline Adams (as she was known pre-David days) was born on April 17th, 1974 in Essex, England.

She seems to have left the singing days behind her, letting David rake in a lot of his own soccer-related limelight, while she steps back from the lights to focus on her many businesses – the ranges of perfumes she released with her hubby, the fashion and design aspects of her career, modelling, etc. And all throughout that, she managed to pop out four kids – three gorgeous and finally, baby Harper – the baby girl she had always been dreaming of.

It seems that life is complete now for the beautiful (yet too skinny sometimes) Victoria Beckham and even though there have been reports of her being withdrawn, quiet and very tired-looking in various fashion events of late, we think that she has never looked happier than right now.

38 – Meghan Trainor

This little pop starlet has recently been sprung onto the scenes with that ever-so-catchy number “All About That Bass” proving that you don’t have to be quite as skinny as Victoria Beckham to be considered pretty, or successful, having a number of hit songs after that initial debut, and even having some very successful tour dates out of it too. This adorable little 21 year old is the perfect role model for her genre of music – bubblegum, teen pop, and for once, doesn’t advocate super skinny girls. Apparently these days, it’s all about that junk in all the right places.

39 – Gwyneth Paltrow

Another English rose – Gwyneth Paltrow has recently become single after her conscious ‘un-coupling’ from Coldplay frontman Christ Martin, and as you may have seen, she’s looking mighty fine these days considering she’s had a few kids and she’s 42 years old.

She’s had her fair share of Hollywood hunks over the years being linked to Angelina Jolie’s latest beaut Brad Pitt, and even Ben Affleck in the past. Maybe one day soon, she’ll find her Prince Charming.

40 – Katie Price

She’s the British glamour model turned good and although she’s had a pretty high profile life with more than her fair share of dating ups and downs, Katie Prince seems to be getting things on track with a sort-of happy marriage (if you forgive her husbands infidelities with her so-called best friends and checking himself into an addiction clinic for sex addiction), a beautiful family, and a career that has spanned a great deal of pies, so to speak.

The 36 year old is now considered to be an author, glamour model, perfume designer, has her own equestrian range, fashion lines, and more, and she manages to do all of this while still managing a pretty packed household with no fewer than five kids, and now apparently has a net worth of over forty-five million pounds.

It was her recent stint on the British version of Celebrity Big Brother that we realised quite how beautiful this woman was. Even without makeup, first thing in the morning, this woman’s skin was perfect and she looked amazing… Honestly, we’re not entirely sure how she did it but every moment of every day, she look completely stunning…

41 – Kate Winslet

Titanic beauty Kate Winslet has always been a hit with the  men with her curvy figure and great English rose complexion that made her perfect for her role int he film alongside Leonardo DiCaprio.

In fact, it was her curves that kept her so beautiful – both in looks and in spirit, and the entire way throughout her career she has been very firm with her decision to not let Hollywood dictate how she should look or the weight she should be. Not just a campaigner for the fuller figure, she’s also a strict vegetarian and regularly campaigns for PETA, and has also become the face of very luxurious makeup brand, Lancome.

Plus, she’s simply stunning, don’t you agree?

42 – Jessica Biel

OK, so these days she goes by the name Jessica Timberlake after marrying the hot and talented Justin Timberlake, and just a couple of months ago in January of 2015, the pair announced that they were expecting their very first baby! How exciting!

Of course, being pregnant won’t stop this chick from hitting the top of the sexiest women charts, and since the days of vocalist  in musical productions until her brig break in 7th Heaven, the longest running TV show ever aired on The WB Channel, she seems to have come a really long way. There’s been a mass of hit films since then including Total Recall, The A-Team, and the brilliant hilarious I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. Managing to crack serious roles, futuristic roles, and funny roles all at the same time, she’s beautiful and versatile and that’s something we quite admire!

43 – Halle Berry

48 year old Halle Berry is a former fashion model and an actress although it is the latter she is probably better known for, especially some of the most brilliant roles like Storm in the X-Men films, the Bond girl in Die Another Day, and even a few TV shows along the way too.

Ohio-born Halle Maria Berry (born Maria Halle on August 14th, 1966) is not only a great actress, but also a caring activist and has linked herself to many charity events as well including campaigning for women’s issues with things like education, justice and health, and even helped with a bill that was passed in court to help celebrities children and their right to stay away from the camera. Plus she was the face of Revlon, worked with Versace…. Need we go on?

44 – Adriana Lima

Considering 33 year old Victoria’s Secret model never really wanted to be a model when she was younger, she sure did win her fair share of beauty pageants and to be fair, it’s hardly surprising with a face, a body, and a smile quite like the ones she can boast. She’s actually known as one of the most beautiful, sexy and fashionable women in the world – not everyone can become a Victoria’s Secret model, you know?

Born June 12th, 1981 in Brazil, her exotic looks definitely give her the edge above other models, and believe it or not, Forbes actually ranked her as one of the top-ranking models with an estimated earnings of over seven million dollars, putting her fourth in 2012. The subsequent years she just ranked higher up the charts too – just one year later and she was third place, and just last year (2014) she was in second place with over $8million in earnings!

45 – Ashlyn Harris

We have a slightly different beautiful lady on the list and this time, we are heading back to sports with Ashlyn Harris. The 29 year old American sportswoman is a professional soccer goalkeeper for the female national team, as well as being linked to a string of other local teams.

We aren’t sure whether it’s the tattoo’s the long-flowing blonde hair, or those rippling abs that make her so hot but men and women adore her on both sides of the pond!

46 – Cami Li

She’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea but if you like yourself an exotic inked babe, Cami Li, recently featured on UK’s Celebrity Big Brother, is one HOT babe! With a feisty attitude, and a look that matches just that, she knows how to use her mouth to cut like a knife and isn’t afraid to stand up for herself. She’s a great role model in some minds, showing women they can be whatever they want to be, but some find her a little too much – catch up on some of those fiery YouTube CBB videos and you’ll see what we mean…

47 – Ariana Grande

She’s pop’s little adorable cutie and she has exploded onto the music scene recently with a hit record starring both Nicki Minaj and Jessie J, and an album that we have all been bopping away to.

She’s only 21 years old (born June 26th, 1993 in Florida, US), but that hasn’t stopped her having a Number One album, New Artist of the Year (2013 – 2013 American Music Awards), Breakthrough Artist of the Year (2013 – Music Business Association), Best Pop Video, Best Female, Best Song, two Grammy nominations, AND the most top ten singles of any other artist for the year of 2014!

Phew – that’s some career already, right?

48 – Adele

Adele Laurie Blue Adkins was born in Greater London, UK on 5th May 1988 – you may be surprised to learn that despite how successful she has been, she is still only 26 years old. She’s had a whole bunch of mentions in the Guinness Book of Records, and on top of that she’s also bagged herself no less than one Golden Globe, a Grammy Award, and an Academy Award!

49 – Pippa Middleton

The sister of the People’s Princess, Kate Middleton, Philippa or Pippa is the younger sister and despite being shot to fame because of her butt in THAT bridesmaid dress at the biggest wedding in the year, is actually well known for a few other things too including being a socilaite, columnist and author!

She’s pretty, you can’t deny that, but the question that most of us is asking is how does she make her butt look that good?!

50 – Jessica Ennis

See – sports women know where it’s at with bodies that most ‘regular’ women would simply die for. Jessica Ennis is one of those women, with a body that defies logic. The 29 year old from Sheffield in England is well known for her contributions to sport, specialising in various track and field events, and is also the current Olympic heptathlon champion!

Smart, pretty and incredibly fit, what more could you want in a role model for girls?

So there you have them – the 50 most beautiful women in the world 2015. Do you think we’ve left anyone off the list? Are there names that you are surprised to see here? Don’t forget to let us know – we’d love to know what you thought!

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