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Cotton Cantina Scarf Review: Soft Chevron Sheer Infinity Scarf

By on February 11, 2015

If you’re shopping for a beautiful women’s scarf that goes with just about any outfit, the Cotton Cantina scarf with its soft chevron sheer is a good choice. It’s available in numerous contrasting colors and made out of 100% polyester. Since this scarf is designed with a continuous loop, as the ends are sewn together, it’s called the Infinity scarf.


The available colors for this women’s scarf include:


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  • Coral and white
  • Teal and white
  • Black, gray and white
  • Black and white
  • Gray and white
  • Tan, gray and white
  • Earth and black
  • Pink, gray and white
  • Earth and white
  • Pink and white
  • Red and white
  • Purple, gray and white
  • Aqua, gray and white
  • Midnight
  • Red, green and white
  • Rust and white
  • Yellow and white
  • Navy, gray and white
  • Coral, mint and white
  • Mint and white
  • Burgundy and white
  • Banana and mocha
  • Aqua, purple and white
  • Mustard


Since they’re so affordable, it’s ideal to order more than one so that you will have enough scarves to match your entire wardrobe.

Not only do they look pretty, the polyester/semi sheer fabric makes these scarves soft to touch. You can wear the bright or pastel scarves to give a simple outfit a bit of color, or wear a neutral, simple colored scarf to tone down a colorful outfit.


Its measurements are 19-inches in width and 60-inches in loop diameter. It’s large enough to wrap around the neck two or three times, but not so large that it looks bulky.


How to Wear the Cotton Cantina Infinity Scarf


There are a few different ways you can wear this type of scarf:


  • You can twist it around your neck two or three times – just make sure that the knot is hidden.
  • Let it hang from your neck, and twist it once around your chest so that it forms an “8”. Keep the knot situated at the back.
  • Fold it by crossing it over your shoulders and letting each end drape over each shoulder. Do not cross it over your neck.
  • Wear it like a handkerchief-style tie. Pull the closed end through the loop and fluff it up below the chin so that it looks like a tie; a considerable length of the fabric should hang down over your chest.
  • You can wear it like a shawl over one shoulder. Slip one arm through the loop of the fabric so that the knotted part hugs your shoulder.


Cotton Cantina Scarf Pros


Reviews of this infinity scarf are mostly positive. Some of the pros recorded women who own one or more include:


  • It’s a very pretty scarf, no matter which color(s) you choose.
  • Many people are impressed with its sheer design; you won’t realize how sheer it is until you’re actually holding it.
  • Its soft and lightweight design makes it very comfortable to wear, no matter how you wear it.
  • It’s so versatile that it can be worn on any occasion, and goes with any kind of outfit, be it business, casual, formal, etc.
  • Since it’s so affordable, you can buy as many colors as you want without breaking your budget.


Cotton Cantina Scarf Cons:


While most reviews are positive, some ladies aren’t all that impressed with the scarf. Some of the reported cons include:


  • Ragged edges and uneven seems.
  • A strange smell coming from some of them.
  • A little TOO lightweight to the point where it’s described as being “flimsy”.
  • As pretty as it is, some women find it cheap looking.
  • The colors may not be exactly as described.


All in all, the vast majority of women who ordered the Soft Chevron Sheer Infinity scarf are impressed with it and find it to be very appealing.

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