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Eco Brushes EcoTools Bamboo 6-pc Makeup Brush Set 1206 Review

By on February 1, 2015

This BAMBOO makeup brush set by Eco Tools is a collection of brushes that you can use for applying all of your makeup. The Eco Brushes have nice bamboo handles and soft bristles. They are 100% cruelty free and feature recycled aluminum ferrules.

It’s important to use the right tools when applying makeup. Using cheap brushes may be rough on your skin. The Eco Tools Brushes are designed to apply makeup flawlessly and smoothly.


This 6-pc set comes with four brushes for eyeshadow, blush, concealer, and eyeliner, as well as a lash and brow groomer and reusable carrying case. The pouch is made of hemp and cotton and comes with a separate compartment for the brushes and cosmetics.

How to Use Eco Brushes


To ensure that your makeup goes on flawlessly, you need to use these brushes correctly:

  • First, use the blush brush. Apply blush gently by moving the brush in an upward motion along your cheek bones. While it can be used with different types of blush, it tends to work best with powder blushes.
  • Use the eye shadow brush to apply the shadow (ideally a neutral shade) on the lid or crease of your eye, and then it up toward the brow bone.
  • The eyeliner brush can be used along the lash line as well as the brows. Use it to dot eyeliner along the lash line from the corner out. For the brows, you will want to apply the shadow to cover light or sparse areas. Use only a small amount.
  • The brow groomer can be used to give brows shape, and the comb can be used to separate the lashes after putting on mascara.
  • Use the concealer brush tip to apply the concealer with precision. The flat portion of the brush should be used to blend the concealer.


Eco Tools BAMBOO Brushes Pros


Some of the great benefits reported by users include:

  • Synthetic bristles that feel soft on the skin
  • Ease of use, even for women who don’t have a lot of experience with makeup
  • Specially angled eyeliner blush that allows for eyeliner to be applied perfectly, without any smudges
  • A blush brush that never bleeds color or sheds, and keeps the blush sheer and even. Its dense design allows for it to apply loose powder evenly.
  • Comparable in quality to expensive department store brushes, yet only a fraction of the price.
  • Environmentally-friendly design, as the bristles are NOT made of animal hair.
  • Foundation brush that works well with any type of foundation – even liquid.


Cons of Eco Tools Bamboo Brushes


There really aren’t many reported problems with these brushes, although there are a few problems. Some users report that the bristles are TOO soft to the point where they do not pick up as much makeup as they should. There have also been a few complaints that the brushes are a bit stiff and not as comfortable to hold in the hand as they should be.


Taking Care of Eco Brushes


If you get this 6-piece, you need to clean the brushes regularly. They will last longer if you clean them and take good care of them. Once a week, run the bristles under warm running water, and apply a tiny amount of clarifying cleanser or gentle shampoo on them. Take a few moments to work the cleanser/shampoo into a lather and then rinse the bristles under the water. Use a cloth to gently absorb any excess water. Be careful not to get any water on the handles and ferrules. Let the bristles air dry.

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