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Real Techniques Core Collection Set – The Best Economic Makeup Brushes

By on December 10, 2015

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If you have been searching for the best economic makeup brushes set, it is worth it to try the Real Techniques Core Collection Set, created and designed with Samantha Chapman. Samantha is a makeup artist and YouTube beauty expert. She has worked with top photographers and celebrities and is considered an expert in the field of beauty and makeup. She has helped create this collection of brushes to provide the average woman with affordable, high quality solutions to make makeup application easy and flawless. Each brush is hand cut, and the aluminum color coded handles are sturdy and help to make the application process easy to understand so that you get flawless results every time.

What’s included in the Core Collection Set?

The Real Techniques Core Collection Set includes four hand-cut makeup brushes and a travel case that also serves as a stand. The bristles are made of a synthetic material called taklon, which is soft and sturdy. The handles are made of aluminum which gives them a classy appearance and makes them durable so you can take them everywhere with you. The set includes:

  • One precision-cut detailer brush. This can be used with lipstick or to conceal problem areas on the face.
  • One pointed foundation brush to be used for even application of liquid foundation.
  • One buffing brush to be used for full coverage application of powder or mineral foundations.
  • One contour brush. This can be used to apply highlighter to contour areas around the face.
  • The brushes come in a 2-in-1 case which serves as both a carrier and stand. This stylish case makes it easy to keep your brushes organized at home or on the go.

Features of the Core Collection Set

  • Synthetic taklon bristles
  • Cruelty-free product
  • Color-coded system: Colors on the aluminum brush handles correspond to the steps of proper makeup application
  • Each brush is hand-cut to create a perfect shape for precise makeup application
  • The brushes can be used with a wide range of beauty products, including: powders, creams, liquids, mineral makeup, highlighters and shimmers

Benefits of Using Real Techniques Makeup Brushes

Each of the brushes in the Real Techniques Core Collection Set are hand cut which ensures an even and streak-free application of your makeup every time.

The bristles are made of taklon, which is a non-porous synthetic material that is less prone to damage than others. It is a very easy synthetic material to clean and maintain. The brushes will not trap or absorb your beauty products, bacteria, or dead skin cells.

The handles are made of aluminum and are color-coded, making the makeup application process more simple and easy to understand.

Proper Maintenance of the Brushes is Easy

If you use your makeup brushes daily it is suggested that you wash them once a week with a makeup brush cleanser or other mild cleanser, such as baby shampoo. Instructions for washing the brushes properly:

  1. Wet the brush with warm water, but do not fully immerse the brush to the base of the bristles.
  2. Put a pea-sized drop of the cleanser into the palm of your hand.
  3. Swirl the bristles of the brush in the cleanser until they look fully lathered.
  4. Rinse the bristles with warm water. Squeeze the bristles from the base to the tip to be sure that all of the makeup and cleanser has been removed from the brush.
  5. Gently brush the bristles on a dry paper towel to remove any excess buildup.
  6. Re-shape the bristles to the original form of the brush and lay it down on a flat surface to dry.

It is advised that you clean your brushes at night so they have time to dry before you use them in the morning.


The Real Techniques Core Collection Set is a smart, stylish, and economic set of makeup brushes. These brushes are soft, easy to use and maintain, and designed to ensure that you get the most flawless looks every time you apply your makeup. The carrying case makes organization and travel easy. For the best economic makeup brushes set on the market today, this is definitely one to try.

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