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Sigma Beauty Brushes Review – Sigma Premium Kit

By on January 30, 2015

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Sigma Beauty Brushes Review : This premium kit by Sigma Beauty contains fifteen quality brushes for the face, lips, and eyes. Each brush is uniquely designed for a specific purpose. This is a great starter kit for women who don’t have a lot of experience with makeup. If you order this kit, you might find that you don’t even need to use them all – at least not at once. They are easy to use and experiment with.

Here is an overview of the brushes and tools included with the Sigma Beauty kit:


  • L05: This is a lip brush designed for precise color application onto the lips. The firm edge can be used to contour and define the lips.


  • F75: Concealer tool for precise placement. If you are wearing a bold lip color, use this tool to conceal the area around the lips.


  • F65: This large concealer brush is ideal for large areas on the face. It works with both cream and liquid products.



  • F35: For subtle highlighting, this highlighter has a tapered design. It should be used for highlighting shade application onto the upper contours of your face.



  • F25: This is another tapered Sigma beauty brush. It’s designed for exact makeup (blush, powder, contour shades, etc.) placement onto the cheeks.



  • F20: A large powder brush that is ideal for controlled bronzer application on the temple and cheekbone area. For definition, use the flat side.


  • F15: This is a duo fiber blush/powder brush that generates a diffused application. Its ideal use is with mineral products.



  • F10: This brush is for the precise application of powder blush.



  • E50: A large, flush brush for applying controlled highlighting shades onto the upper cheekbone/brow bone area.



  • E45: A small, tapered brush for blending and applying color onto the crease with precision. You can simply use the tip of the brush to pick up color.



  • E35: Another tapered brush designed for controlled application of color on the crease. It’s larger than the E45.



  • E25: This brush is for controlled blending. It blends colors onto the eyelid with control. You can also use it to buff out harsh lines.



  • E20: This short shader is designed for concentrated color application onto the smaller areas of the eye, as well as for lower lash line smudging.



  • E15: A flat definer brush for pressing makeup along the lower and upper lash lines to create a thin liner. It works well with different types of liner, including gel and liquid.



  • E10: A smaller eye liner tool than the E15. It allows for precise application of liquid or gel liner.



Sigma Beauty Brushes Pros:


  • A complete kit of inexpensive quality brushes
  • The brushes stay soft longer than most other makeup brushes
  • The bristles feel soft on the skin
  • Makeup goes on smoothly and blends well with no smudging
  • Works well with any brand or variety of makeup, including the cheaper brands




There have been a few cons reported about these brushes:


  • Some users reported that they become flattened or misshaped
  • They don’t always last for as long as they should
  • The handle can become loose or even fall off


All in all, Sigma beauty brushes are worth the investment. The set comes with every brush you’ll ever need, and the cost is lower than that of higher end makeup tools.

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