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BlueAnt Pump HD Sportsbuds Wireless Waterproof Headphones Reviews

By on February 28, 2015

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Whether you are using the treadmill at home or heading out for your morning workout routine, it is impossible to go without your headphones.   The new BlueAnt Pump HD Sportsbuds wireless headphones are just the right addition to your morning routine. For a perfect fit and tight seal, while doing strenuous or extreme activities, this is a good choice.

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The package includes:

  • Black Pump HD Sportbuds
  • Comply Awareness Tips
  • ComfortSeal Tips
  • Two sets of Stabilizers (snap on)
  • USB Cable
  • Cable Zip
  • User Guide

Design features

The headphones have a unique watertight mesh for a secure fit during intense activity. Even if you train or play with vigor, you can do so without worrying about the headphones falling off. The tight fit gives you confidence and total freedom. The independent audio controls make it easy to handle. A micro USB charging facility adds to the convenience quotient.

Next to fit, the headphones have a comfortable design that makes it easy to wear them for a longer span. The soft casing made of rubber prevents chafing, while you do intense movements. The awareness tips and comfort seal combine to reduce fatigue, while listening and let you be aware of your surroundings too. The design features make the headphones blend with your ear and you feel like they are an extension of your body.

The wireless headphones are designed for multisport use. They keep debris and water out with a perfect seal and protect the internal audio components safely. However hard your workout is, you will find the stress and exertion reduced remarkably, while you move with the beat from the headphones.

The Teflon and Kevlar moisture guard gives ample protection from dust, water and sweat. Whether you train intensively, play a mean game, or just float around in your pool, these headphones make the best companions ever. The protection makes way for long lasting and durable headphones.

The PUMP feature provides top quality audio experience that other rivals in the wireless segment cannot match up to. The wireless range is also admirable. You can train at a distance of about 100 feet from your Bluetooth enabled gadget easily, and the battery is long lasting. The lithium ion battery keeps the music on for a long time.

Some of the outstanding features the headphones has in its favor are

  • Powerful lithium battery that provides a long playtime lasting up to 8 hours
  • 12- month warranty period
  • Watertight mesh and secure fit enables keeping it on even during the most intense workout sessions. The little clip present lets you adjust the cord length, so it does not bounce with movement.
  • The Teflon and Kevlar moisture guard protects from water, sweat and dirt completely making the headphones long lasting
  • Easy micro USB charging feature
  • Wireless streaming for a distance of 100 feet

Some obvious drawbacks

There are some minor drawbacks present including a bass heavy note and the audio quality not being at par with other competitor headphones. And the fit may not be as good for some users.

The verdict

A comfortable fit and waterproofing are certainly needed when you train intensely. The BlueAnt Pump meets these criteria admirably and the design features are appealing too. The long wireless range and battery life, and easy charging add up making it a good purchase overall.

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