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Gaiam Total Body Balance Workout Yoga Stability Ball Kit Reviews

By on May 13, 2015

The Gaiam Total Body Balance Workout Yoga Stability Ball Kit has been created as the central focus around the Total Body Balance Ball Workout. The workout combines the gaiam 75cm stability ball with resistance training to give you an all-over healthy and sculpted body.

We have checked out the Gaiam Total Body Balance Workout Yoga Stability Ball Kit Reviews to give you the low-down on this hot new workout that you can do right from the comfort of your own home.

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What’s Included in the Kit?

The Gaiam Total Body Balance Workout Yoga Stability Ball Kit comes with everything you need to sculpt your body with a fun and intense workout:

  • DVD with workouts from Tanja Djelevic, fitness expert
  • Air pump
  • A large anti-burst balance ball, measuring 75cm. (The ball is also available in small and medium, measuring 55cm. or 65cm.)

Inflate your high quality balance right away without needing to find an air pump or buy one separately. You can start your workout immediately with the 105-minute DVD included.

Benefits of a Balance Ball Workout

The Gaiam 75cm stability ball was designed to provide resistance training combined with the toning and stability training of balance ball to give you all over maximum body sculpting results.

With 105 minutes of workouts ranging from beginner levels to advanced levels, you will have the power to sculpt and tone every part of your body. One part of the workout DVD includes three 20-minute segments which each focus on different areas of the body. The first segment focuses on working out the upper body, the second segment focuses on the lower body workout, and the third segment focuses on toning the abdominals.

The other 45 minutes of workouts will guide you through a variety of yoga, Pilates, and strength moves. These workouts require the use of the Gaiam Stability Ball to help you focus in on your major muscle groups, improve your core strength, and strengthen your natural balance. Throughout all of this your body will become more toned and trim.

The Gaiam Total Body Balance Workout Yoga Stability Ball Kit is designed for every level of skill and the workouts are all impact-free to keep your joints safe.

Steer Clear if You Are Very Fit and Very Tall

Most of the negative Gaiam Total Body Balance Workout Yoga Stability Ball Kit reviews were from people 5’5” in height or taller and people who are very athletic. Some customers claimed that the ball was smaller than what they had expected by about 5cm.-10cm. which in turn led to an uncomfortable workout routine.

A couple very active and athletic customers complained that the workouts were not as intense as they were hoping them to be, but mentioned that if you are a beginner or are used to light exercise then the workouts are fine.


The large size makes an excellent desk chair, even if the workouts are not too intense. For beginners and intermediate workout buffs the workouts are perfect for toning and sculpting. Many customers swear by the Gaiam Stability Ball as the best chair to use if you work at a desk all day. You can tone and sculpt your abs, butt, and thighs without missing a second of important office work. If you are 5’5” or shorter, the Gaiam Total Body Balance Workout Yoga Stability Ball Kit is perfect for you.

It is recommended that for the best results and optimum performance you should re-inflate the stability ball one or two times using the blaster air pump after the initial inflation.

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