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Motorola Bluetooth Headphones – S10-HD review

By on April 5, 2015

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When you have your headphones on with the music blasting for your ears only, you are sure to feel happy and enthusiastic about your exercise routine than without them. Headphones have certainly changed the way we do our work, especially fitness routines. You can see people walking, jogging, cycling or doing complex exercises with their headphones on. When you start on your daily exercise routine, having Motorola Bluetooth Headphones will certainly boost your efforts greatly. Let us look into the features that make this a popular product.

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Package includes

Bluetooth stereo headset

Multiple ear bud sizes

Wall charger


Operating manual

Intelligent design

The Motorola headphones are intelligently designed to make your day exciting and fun filled right from your morning workout to chilling out with friends. The wrap around the head design prevents tangling of wires and at the same time is light in weight making the headphones a perfect companion for listening to music on the move. The ergonomic design is aimed at providing a snug fit, so you feel comfortable wearing it, while you do your intense workouts. A proper fit leaves you free of worries about the headset falling off, while you perform extreme activities.

Capable performance

The headphones contain simple to use controls, which help you to change tracks, adjust volume, play or pause music and take the incoming calls, while music pauses automatically and once the call ends resumes. The compatibility, which is important, is also great in the headphones. It works with all the major brand Bluetooth enabled devices for answering calls. However, a digital audio player of mobile phone with A2DP Bluetooth format is needed for music streaming. The battery lasts for 8 hours of music, 9 hours of talk time and a standby mode time of 240 hours.

Excellent seal

The S10-HD is designed for withstanding any amount of extreme activity. The headphones come with acoustic mesh of hydrophobic nature that enables protection from sweat and is at the same time light in weight. The interface cushions the speaker from seeping of moisture, while the silicone material seals all the electrical parts in the headphones. The buttons are all moisture proof being co-molded . The micro USB charging port is also molded to the headphones with a plug, which is also waterproof. All these features make the headphones ideal for outdoor adventure and daily exercises.

Pros of Motorola S10-HD which users have found beneficial include

  • Wraparound wire free design
  • Compatibility with MP3 players and mobile phones for streaming music via Bluetooth
  • Effective seal from sweat and moisture by silicone seals and hydrophobic mesh
  • Long battery life

Cons of Motorola S10-HD

The sound quality is not good. The earbuds do not fit properly and come off frequently.

Bottom Line

While the Motorola S10-HD is great for answering calls or listening to podcasts, it is average when it comes to listening to music. Reliable battery, compatibility, sweat proof feature and great design however make up for the minor drawbacks, making the product a cost effective buy.

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