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Plantronics BackBeat Fit Bluetooth Headphones Review

By on April 8, 2015

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You need the right motivation to get into your workout mood and most of the time the promise of calories you lose is not sufficient. If you love hearing upbeat music, having your favorite music blasting away, while you perform your exercises is perfect for bringing on the right intensity to your workouts. Headphones are handy in such situations, as you can choose your own music, and hear it even while you are on the move. The Plantronics BackBeat Fit Bluetooth Headphones provides you the right blend of comfort and functionality, so you enjoy your activities and phone calls without any hassles.

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Package includes


Smartphone armband

Quick start guide

Micro USB charging cable

Innovative design features

While you get some sophisticated designs from the various leading brands in the market, Plantronics backbeat headphones has a highly advanced flexible design feature that is truly multifunctional. You can listen to music, attend your calls, hear your surroundings and be seen during nighttime with the revolutionary design.

The headphones are not designed as the usual models, which plug into your ear canal, cutting you off from the outer world. Instead, the tips are designed, so you hear noise around you like from the traffic around you, when you are jogging on the road or cycling. The noise although low in intensity will keep you connected with your surroundings. The ear buds are standard type hard buds with silicon protection and a loop that helps to fix the ear bud in place.

The buds are connected using a flexible band. The entire package is sweat resistant, so you need not worry about sweat or moisture seeping into the buds and affecting the wiring and other sensitive internal parts.

Priority for convenience

The design of the headphones enables them to fit comfortably without need for any fiddling. The weight-24 grams- is far lighter than the earlier sports headphones from Plantronics and is just right for jogging or other extreme intense exercise routines. The fit and weight make it sit firmly without much bouncing. The carrying case or armband is a good feature that users are sure to appreciate.


The headphone is capable of connecting to nearly 8 devices via Bluetooth and with the inbuilt microphone, it acts as wireless headset perfectly. The call quality is quite good. Audio for music is also easy to access with the volume controls and play/pause button, which are present on the left side earpiece, while the phone and power buttons are located on the right. Battery charging takes two and a half hours via the micro USB charging port, which is present under a small protective cover in the right earpiece.

Pros of Plantronics headphones

  • Light weight and wireless headset with inbuilt microphone
  • Sweat proof design
  • Good audio quality
  • Comfortable fit
  • Storage or armband case where you can store your smartphone too

Cons of Plantronics

The headphone cord that runs in the back of the neck flops and bounces a bit, while jogging, which can be quite irritating for some.

Bottom line

The wireless feature, lightweight body, sweat proof design and good audio along with long battery life are great pluses for the headphones. Though the fit is not perfect in other areas, the Plantronics headphone set scores high.

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