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Pyle Waterproof Neckband MP3 Player and Headphones PSWP4BK Review

By on March 23, 2015

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If swimming is your favorite activity and you want to listen to music, while you swim there are very few waterproof headphones that help you out. Most of the brands are not waterproof or maintain the audio quality underwater. Pyle Waterproof Neckband MP3 Player and Headphones PSWP4BK is an exception however. The headset is made of waterproof neckband MP3 player that can give you good audio quality to over 3 feet.

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Package includes

MP3 player and headphones

USB cable to charge and for synchronizing

3 pairs of waterproof earbuds in small, medium and large sizes

3 pairs of standard earbuds

User manual

Product features

The headphones are ergonomically designed providing you style and comfort. The neckband is of top quality material fitting snugly without any hassles. The design works in tandem with your swimming goggles without interfering with its function. The snug fit of the earbuds ensure clean, crisp and clear audio quality, while you are underwater. You can now listen to music in any wet surroundings, whether it is in the pool, beach or in rainy weather.

Best audio experience

The audio features in the MP3 player are quite good. The USB port allows you to connect to your system, WMA music or MP3 player and copy all your favorite playlists. The easy drag and drop interface makes the transfer simple and fast. The USB 2.0 connectivity also enables a fast transfer. The 4GB storage gives ample space to load as many files you want. The audio controls let you play the tracks you want in random shuffle and from track to track, or you can use skip feature too. But folder to folder shift is not possible. When the right earbuds (for water and land) are used, the sound quality is admirable with even the bass being strong.

Great performance

The lithium battery present internally is rechargeable via the USB port. You can listen to music uninterrupted for nearly 10 hours. Charging is also easy. You just connect the USB cable provided and plug the device. The two-headphone sets, one for use in water and one standard variety for use in land, increase the ease of use considerably.

Advantages of Pyle Waterproof Neckband MP3 Player and Headphones PSWP4BK that users recommend the product for include

  • Good waterproof feature making it best MP3 underwater player
  • Easy music upload
  • Long battery life that lasts up to 10 hours
  • Sophisticated sound production resulting in high audio quality

Drawbacks of Pyle Waterproof Neckband MP3 Player

The earbuds offer good waterproof quality, when you wear them in water, but immersing them as such in water can make them waterlogged and take 10 hours to dry. Some users have reported a reduction in the audio quality after a period of use. The headset fits well only with the swimming goggles stabilizing it.

Bottom Line

The good sound quality, long battery life and waterproof feature makes the MP3 player one of the best for use during swimming and other outdoor activities and workouts. Other than minor drawbacks in durability and function, the device is a great choice that lets you do your workout faster and for longer time.

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