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Sony Walkman NWZW273S 4 GB Waterproof Sports MP3 Player with Swimming Earbuds Review

By on March 3, 2015

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Headphones have become an important accessory for music lovers as they help to keep in touch with the music, on the go. Moreover, they help in hearing all kinds of upbeat music without disturbing those around you. The Sony swimming mp3 player – Sony Walkman NWZW273S 4 GB Waterproof Sports MP3 Player with Swimming Earbuds goes a step further with its wearable sports one-piece cordless design. You can hear music uninterrupted, while you train, work or relax at home comfortably and effectively.

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The package includes

A cordless single piece player

Three sizes of earbuds

USB cable for charging

Design elements

Sony has been dominating the music world with its excellent creations. The design of this music player is proof of this fact. The music player is a combination of earbuds and MP3 player of 4 GB capacity encased in a pair of pods that are linked by a wire, which wraps around the neck in the back. The entire package weighs just 29 grams. This makes way for a hassle free use without any long cords or other additions that distract you from your work.

Convenience at its best

The waterproof design makes it easy for use in any surroundings. You can wear it while you swim, run, walk, hike or do any other activity. It provides you complete freedom. The waterproof is effective up to two meters deep, so swimming while you hear your favorite music is a breeze with the player. The earbud design keeps all moisture out, and lets you enjoy music without any disturbance.

Sterling Performance

The advantage with a Walkman type player is you are not restricted to just a single music service. You can download as many files as you want from Windows Media Player, Internet Explore and iTunes and listen uninterrupted. L-PCM, AAC and WMA formats can also be played due to the multi-format system present. The 3-minute charging that lasts for an hour is an amazing feature that is of great help when you are on the go.

Excellent navigation

In an era where user-friendly devices are what customers look for, the Walkman offers the right efficiency expected. Despite its compact size, it can store quite a lot of music with the 4 GB storage capacity. Navigation is a breeze with the player. You just search the music you want via the play back buttons, which are designed as multifunctional.

Advantages include

  • Drag and drop music playlist feature
  • Rapid charge and long battery life
  • Wireless and single piece player


In the end it is the sound quality that matters, while choosing a music player and it is quite average in the Sony wireless music player. The bass is respectable for mid-range sounds, but with complex music, it is not good. Some users have not found the waterproof that effective.


The quick charging battery, hassle-free design and easy navigation make the music player an effective one considering the price range it is available in. When you discount the minor disturbances like sound quality and waterproofing, the player certainly is a good companion, while you are on the move.

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